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Larada Horner-Miller

Larada’s newest book,

Hair on Fire: A Heartwarming & Humorous Christmas Memoir

Larada’s award-winning book,

Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?

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Order & Pay for Flippo’s Biography

Cover of Just Another Square Dance Caller: Authorized Biography of Marshall Flippo by Larada Horner-Miller


44 thoughts on “Larada Horner-Miller’s Books

  1. Excited to suggest to our book club of Albuquerque Public School retired ladies books by you. I wonder which I should suggest first? I will let you now which one the group selects.

    1. Kay, here it is over a year since your message, and I have written another book, Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better? It would be a great one to do in a book club. Let me know if you’re interested, and I will give the book club a discounted price, and I’d love to join you and tell you about how this book happened. Larada Horner-Miller.

    2. Kay, this is a couple years later. Did you decide which book to use in your book club? I would come and talk to your group, if interested. Thanks for the interest!

    3. It’s been a while since we communicated. I would suggest my new book for your book club—Hair on Fire: A Heartwarming & Humorous Christmas Memoir. Also I will discount it for your club & come for an Author’s Talk. Let me know.

  2. Just ordered two hard backs on Flip, could get these books signed before you send them to us. Looking forward to read the Biography.

    1. It is $24.95 for the book. Shipping is $3 & tax is $1.75. Total is $39.70. You can go to my homepage & pay for it through PayPal or write a check.

  3. I have already mailed a check to you (check #247 on May 7th) for one copy of the paperback version of Flippo’s biography. I would like to have it signed. Looking forward to reading it and laughing along with Flippo and his friends.
    Stay Healthy,
    Sally Wilson

    1. Sally,

      Thanks so much. I remember. I’m sure you will laugh and cry and laugh some more. His stories are priceless! Stay safe,

  4. Ordered one for my mentor and special caller friend. Do you know when they will be coming? And you will autograph, right?

    1. Yes, I will autograph the books. I have no idea when they’re coming because the coronavirus has affected the distribution from the publisher. I’ll let you know when they arrive.

  5. Hi Larada: Thanks for writing this!! Just submitted payment for a paperback, it is going to my mother in Tucson, she danced to Flippo for many years. Would you please autograph the book before you mail it. Thanks, Larry.

    1. I thought I answered this a couple hours ago. I’m sorry to say I don’t know when the books will arrive. The problem is the publisher. I am so sorry it has taken so long! It will be worth the wait!😀

  6. I just ordered the Marshall Flippo biography. Please autograph the book before sending it to me. Thank you. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Hello, my father James Haynes, a fellow square dancer, had received your book but unfortunely he pass away on May 22. Wasn’t sure if you knew.

  8. Hello Larada,

    I just ordered a hardback copy of Just Another Square Dance Caller directly from you.

    I live in New England, but I went to a Marshall Flippo dance in Tucson in 2002. Later that year, I decided to attend a caller school. As a caller, I frequently performed a singing call named “Just Another Square Dance Caller” that was produced/recorded by Marshall Flippo. My dancers loved it. The last time I got a chance to say hello to him was at the 64th National Square Dance Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts (June 2015). I truly admired that man for his showmanship. Please autograph my copy of the book.

    Thank you!

    … Al Rouff

  9. What a fantastic book about my good friend Marshall Flippo. A funny, gentle, modest man, who lived, loved, laughed and entertained on his terms. He is missed by me as well as the square dance public. The read is the insight to a fabulous father and enternatiner.

  10. I would like to know if you have a soft cover version of the book and how much it would cost. My caller husband Merv Meyer & myself danced to Marshall in Alaska some years ago and I know Merv would love to read your book.

    1. Thanks for connecting. Yes I do. It’s $24.95 + shipping & tax for a total of $31.70.

      There’s stories in the book about when he called in Alaska.

      You can pay with a credit card through PayPal on my homepage or send me a check. Hope that helps.

  11. Marshall Flippo is the number one caller in my life. A group of us dancers went to two of Flippo’s dances. What a wonderful dance. Smooth precise timing. Being a caller myself I looked around the floor (while dancing) and every square was dancing. No square was broken down. Flippo kept the entire floor dancing all night. Every lady got a kiss on the cheek, coming and leaving. Larada has put together a wonderful book that every dancer would love. I wish “Flip” was still with us. Square dancing in Heaven. Miss you “Flip”.

  12. My friends Bonnie and Max Heimann and Rosalee and Tom Clark are undoubtedly enjoying dancing to Flippo’s calling in heaven now, along with many other square dancers we have lost in recent years! –Susan Miller, Wheaton, IL, 6/7/2023

    1. Yes, I’m sure there’s a lot of Flippo’s friends enjoying his calling up there!

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