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Day 5-8: Oktoberfest to King Ludwig’s Two Castles!

Oktoberfest Welcome Sign - Day
Welcome Sign

During Day 5-8 in Bavaria, we experienced Oktoberfest in Munich and saw two of King Ludwig’s amazing castles. We also had a relaxing day at an Alpine ski lift and a square and round dance.

September 16

Day 5: Alpine ski lift. Invitational Square & Round Dance 

After a busy day at the Salt Mines & Eagles’ Nest the day before, our thoughtful tour guides planned a relaxing day on day 5. But Lin and I got up early to go to Heidi’s Thrift store in Grassau for local souvenirs. I bought my brother a beer stein at a reasonable price.

The bus picked us up at the chestnut tree, and we drove a short distance to catch the alpine ski lift up the mountain. I love ski lifts; however, I’m not a skier, so most of my experiences have been in the sunshine. We marveled at the different pine trees and a creek running below us. I had fun taking pictures of different people in our group.

When we got on top, Lin and I ate lunch with friends from Arizona, John & Barb Sloper. What gigantic meals we had—Lin had sausage, and I selected a cheese & bread tray. We should have split one! Then we spent the rest of the time hiking up the mountain higher. It felt like “Sound of Music” country, our first of many times of referencing one of my favorite movies.

Hillside - Day

On the return trip, Lin hiked back with Curtis and I rode the bus. Then I got a much- needed nap and Lin swam in our pool with a friend from Arizona. I ALWAYS bring my swimming suit and often have to corworse Lin in bringing his. As I packed, I thought, “Germany, swimming suit? It will be too cold!” So, I didn’t bring mine ONCE! And he brought his! Go figure! And he used it often!

After dinner, I walked to the barn with a friend from Las Vegas, and she complimented me on my writing—what a delightful surprise. We danced the night away with Jet Roberts, Tony Oxendine, Tom Crisp, Klaus Völkl & Stefanie Christian on the rounds—and I wasn’t cold! In fact—it was super-hot!

September 17

Day 6: Munich Oktoberfest and Opening Costume Parade. Square & Round Dance & Potluck in Munich hosted by the Tamara Twirlers.

Oh, what a day! To get to Munich, we had to get early because we left Grassau at 8:00 AM. The trip took one hour and ½. After arriving in Munich, we walked twenty minutes to get to the park.

As we walked under the Welcome sign, I thought, “This looks like a state fair with then or more beer tents.” To begin with, we walked the total length of the main street to the Ferris wheel and with Arizona friends.

Again, I dressed inappropriately. I wore a leather jacket and wore jean leggings—and what a hot day! I was so hot at one point; I felt nauseous! Our tour guides told us to watch the parade because people from different towns in Bavaria wore their unique costumes, so that’s what we did. I got some magnificent pictures. 

When we went inside our first beer hall, the noise inside overwhelmed me. People sat elbow-to-elbow at long wooden picnic-type tables. Young people stood on top of the table with their beer mugs, singing a spirited song. Beer maids and servers carried six liter-size beer mugs. In the center of the tent at the bandstand, a band played spirited Bavarian music. What an amazing atmosphere! 

Right as we arrived, one band from the parade wove their way inside the hall and played a song, interrupting the band at the bandstand. We had just heard this band out in the parade—such a celebration.

Lin with our Bratwurst - Day
Lin with our Bratwurst

Leaving there, we ate bratwurst for lunch and continued watching the parade—yes; it goes on for hours! I ate a bite of brat, ran over to the parade and took a picture, then ran back for another bite. They did a fantastic thing for recycling plastic/glass. They gave you a token when you bought a drink, then we got money back when we turned in the empty.

I loved all the gigantic draft horses pulling the beer wagons. Also, I enjoyed the leather lederhosen and hats with feathers the men wore, and the form-fitting Dirndls the women wore with aprons. What a photo fest for Line and me!

Band in a beer tent - Day
Band in a beer tent

For another adventure, we visited another beer hall and met a delightful couple, visiting mostly with the husband. Everyone was so friendly—maybe because we sat so close to each other.

Tamara Twirlers banner - Day
Tamara Twirlers banner

Afterwards, we drove to a dance hall in Munich to dance with the Tamara Twirlers. They hosted a “barbecue” beforehand, but really it was a potluck with delicious homemade Bavarian food. What a delightful night we had dancing with our German dance friends!

September 18

Day 7: Lake Chiemsee boat cruise to visit Herrenchiemesee Island and King Ludwig’s Castle. Optional: Hotel Wessner Hof. Free Schnapps Tour. Dinner on your own. Caller’s night off.

King Ludwig's bedroom furniture - Day
King Ludwig’s bedroom furniture

Another fun-filled day. We drove to Lake Chiemsee and then cruised over to see one of King Ludwig’s castles. When we got to the island, I rode a horse-drawn carriage up to the castle; Lin walked. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of this amazing castle. King Ludwing was eccentric, building this castle for himself—no one else!

That evening we took advantage of the options and had dinner out at Hotel Wessner Hof. Its owner is a personal friend of our tour guide, Tom. Afterwards, they offered a free Schapps tour. Our group toured first then Lin and I and Nina, Dean Singleton’s girlfriend had ice cream for dessert.

Another wonderful fun-filled day in Bavaria!

September 19

Day 8: King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle. Visit the village of Oberammergau, famous for woodcarving and the passion play.

What a special day—Lin’s 83rd birthday, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Oberammergau!

Neuschwanstein Castle - Day

First, we drove to Neuschwanstein Castle but faced delays because of a detour. Tom jumped out of the bus to get tickets. Then we had a wild ride up to the castle on a windy road and the driver using one hand!

Before our tour, Lin and I walked up to a bridge where we could take picturesque pictures of the castle. I was so excited because I had anticipated this excursion so much.

The fairytale castle Neuschwanstein is a popular sight in Germany. The castle in Hohenschwangau (Bavaria) was built by order of King Ludwig II and the inspiration for the Disney Cinderella castle.

Our tour of the went at 12:45 pm. This is where King Ludwig II lived. Inside, it was much more subdued than the castle we saw the day before. Moorish influence showed up throughout. 

Door to Neuschwanstein Castle - Day
Door to Neuschwanstein Castle

Then it was on to Oberammergau, another place I had dreamed of visiting. It is the sight of the Passion Play every ten years. When I was a youngster, my Sunday school teacher saw the play and brought each of her students a pen to commemorate it. 

To celebrate Lin’s birthday, I bought him an authentic cuckoo clock here and shocked him. We had it shipped home.

We ate a late dinner back at the Hotel Sperrer that evening, but Gina had a birthday cake for all those celebrating their birthdays. I’m sure this was a birthday Lin will remember forever!


What a jampacked four days we had seeing all these amazing sights. I slept peacefully that night with such satisfaction at seeing some bucket list sights, but I plan on returning to Oberammergau in 2030!!


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