From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbooks

Mom, known as Grannie to her grandchildren, was a fantastic cook, so I made these cookbooks for family Christmas gifts in the years after her death. I never planned to sell them, but my family encouraged me, so I have made them available to you.

What makes these cookbooks different is I scanned Mom’s recipe cards, so the recipes are in her handwriting, with smears and stains from years of use. Each cookbook is full color and a beautiful book of 20 pages of her great recipes, which makes it more costly. I picked out three fun-filled and outrageous pictures of Mom for the covers. Each cookbook focuses on a couple of themes.

Buy one or the whole set. If you would be interested in ordering a copy, one cookbook is $25 plus $3.50 for shipping & handling. The complete set is $75 plus shipping. These cookbooks are only available from me ONLY. Let me know!

Order one or all books!

From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbook – Pies, Cakes & Christmas Candy, Volume 1

Here Mom dances at the Dog Bar in Cuchara, Colorado on the fourth of July, wearing a patriotic hat and beads.

In this cookbook:

  • Enjoy a delicious pie recipe from Germany
  • Sample mouthwatering Christmas goodies
From Grannie's Kitchen, Volume 2 cover

From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbook – Beverages, Cookies, Meats, Vegetables, Mis. & Records of a Rancher’s Wife, Volume 2

Mom wears a Mexican sombrero at one of the Branson-Trinchera reunions. She always took part fully.

In this cookbook:

  • Savor good home cooking
  • Laugh at Mom’s rancher’s wife records of her big meals she prepared for the ranchers who helped Dad with branding and shipping.
From Grannie's Kitchen, Volume 3 cover

From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbook – Casseroles, Mexican Dishes, Relish, Sandwiches, Salads & Desserts, Volume 3

Mom sets at the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco when we saw a Giants’ game. She dons a panda bear hat that Giants’ fans wore to honor their third baseman, Pablo Sandoval.

In this cookbook:

  • Sample spicy Mexican Dishes
  • End your meal with a yummy dessert