The Extremes of Memoir: From Childhood to the Loss of Parents

Do you have a family story to tell? Aunt Mary’s funny story? Uncle Bill’s horse accident? A sad secret that needs to be revealed? Here’s your opportunity in a writing workshop to look at your story.

Handouts and plenty of time to start writing.

I presented this workshop at the Women Writing the West Conference in October, 2018.

Recent Comments from Susan E. Page:
I wrote a memoir for my family based on the workshop you gave. Your advice to just pick a part of your life to write about got me off the dime.  I’ve had a lot of tragedy in my life, but I thought of writing the story of how I met my husband.  It will be a wedding present to our daughter. It turned out to be 12 chapters, with 24 poems interspersed. I would never have gotten this started without your help.”
WorkshopComments from Workshop on March 10, 2018
  • The audio visuals and handouts made material easy to understand. Having us write is beneficial for learning.
  • I liked all the the questions on the sheets that we could ask ourselves to recall the memories we have in our lives. Larada covered all the information in the handouts pretty thoroughly. I appreciated hearing about the resources and marketing information.
  • Presenter was very informed about her topic–she is a lively, interesting presenter. She had a good outline that she both adhered to but as questions or her own ideas generated side topics–she found a way to come back to her outline. Topics were interesting, relevant and informative.
  • Handouts were great. Lots of resources. Personal examples were very helpful.
  • Great handouts and PowerPoint. So many wonderful personal tips. So personable. Real!