Overview of Larada’s Books & Cookbooks

Peruse this overview of my six books and three cookbooks to see quickly what a variety of genres I have. Pick one or all of them!

Collage of my six books.

This Tumbleweed Landed $15.00 ISBN: 9781495946301. 108 pages. Published: 2014. Poetry and prose.

Ride a tumbleweed back in time to life in a small, southwestern community as seen through the eyes of a young girl during the fifties and sixties.

When Will Papa Get Home? $12.50. ISBN: 0-9966144-0-0. 152 pages. Published: 2015. Historical Fiction.

Having come from Mexico to a homestead on the high plains of southeastern Colorado, Maria is determined to rise above prejudice and other obstacles in this engaging historical novel.

~2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards “Finalist” – Historical Fiction
~2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards “Finalist” – Historical Fiction

Let Me Tell You a Story $7. Co-Authored by: Larada Horner-Miller and Harold Horner. ISBN:0996614419. 40 pages. Published: 2016.

My Dad is the narrator of this memoir, sharing how my granddad put together our family ranch in southeastern Colorado during the depression when others were losing theirs. He also tells his own ranching and family story.

A Time to Grow Up: A Daughter’s Grief Memoir $19.95. ISBN: 9780996614429.
414 pages. Published: 2017. Memoir.

Through a series of poignant poems and reflections, author Larada Horner-Miller celebrates her parents’ legacies, mourns their deaths, and offers words of comfort and inspiration for others who grow through grief.

~2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards “Finalist” in 2 Categories: Biography – Other (Includes memoirs and autobiographies) and Ebook – Nonfiction
~2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing “Official Selection” in Biography | Autobiography | Memoir category
~2018 Book Excellence Awards “Finalist” in the Memoir category
~2018 Independent Press Awards “Distinguished Favorites” in the Memoir category
~2018 “Finalist” New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in 2 categories: Ebook Nonfiction and Ebook Cover

Cookbook Series

From Grannie's Kitchen, Vol. 1, 2, 3 - books

From Grannie’s Kitchen:
Volume 1 – Pies, Cakes & Christmas Candy, 2014. $25.
Volume 2 – Beverages, Bread, Cookies, Meats, Vegetables, Mis. & Records of a Rancher’s Wife, 2015. $25
Volume 3 – Casseroles, Mexican Dished, Relish, Sandwiches, Salads & Desserts, 2016. $25