My Conversations with Flippo Highlighted!

Larada and Marshall Flippo - conversations

Conversations with Flippo—yes, his 40 hours of interviews felt like conversations—delightful, fun-filled talking between two friends! I created Just Another Square Dance Caller: Authorized Biography of Marshall Flippo from these interviews!

To create this audio collection, I enjoyed going back through my resources to find exactly what I should include in this collection. I have the recordings, four steno notebooks and a database of keywords from the interviews. Then I listened to specific recordings and organized them into this collection. Listen to Flippo’s hilarious stories in his own voice—with his raspy Texas drawl!

You wouldn’t want to listen to some segments of his interviews because they were repetitive, about the organization of the book or us exchanging niceties about our lives; some I can’t let you hear! He forbade it.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, a comfortable chair and your device and listen—listen to that familiar voice sharing his story during those conversations I love. As you listen, laugh, cry and enjoy the entertainment—a slice of what the book offers!

Highlights of Conversations with Marshall Flippo