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POETRY: Dare I Breathe—Tomorrow is a Month!

I’m a writer, a poet! So what do I do when stressed out? WRITE POETRY! Poetry is the way I have processed life—no different during the coronavirus pandemic. Read the first in a series of poems I’ve written! What a long month! Since we got back from Spain a month ago, I’ve processed my fear and anxiety about the possibility of getting the coronavirus through words, thoughts and poems.

Here’s a poem I wrote a couple days ago, and I will be sharing more in the next couple days.

Not Today #COVID19
By: Larada Horner-Miller
April 7, 2020
Thirty-one days
            Since we left
                        Coronavirus-stricken Madrid
                                    And Spain
 We left on March 8th;
            It exploded there the 9th.
Thirty-one days of
            Holding my breath
                        By the minute

Washing hands
            washing hands
                        washing hands! 
A throat tickle
            Sore throat
Is it the virus?
            Dread and anxiety gripped me
Two weeks of
Desperate not to share
            If I had it.
Dances cancelled
            CALLERLAB cancelled
                        Life cancelled!
After two weeks
            A sigh
                        Maybe we made it
Yet. . .
Incubation period
            2 — 14 days
                        maybe 27
Oh, my God!
            Nothing new
                        No new symptoms
After two weeks,
            Out of the house for the first time
                        For a prescription and groceries
Panic and fear
            People six-feet apart 
                        at the drug store
                                    Safe yet foreign
            People too close to me
                        In the grocery store

Malted Easter Eggs lured me in
            Impulse buying
                        No, it’s Easter time
                                    I always buy them at Easter
                                                Normal routine
            Two bags
I wolfed down one whole bag
                   And gained three pounds!
Remedy to grocery shopping
            Senior time slot
                        Early in the morning
                                                Respectful of distance
                                                            Less people
Still washing hands
            disinfecting the bags
                        the Jeep
                                   the steering wheel
                                                the knobs
Watching my husband, Lin, closely
            Fear gripped my heart
Both of us have had health issues
            the last couple years
Three weeks gone
            Another sigh of relief
Yet in the back of my mind
            And heart
Will it happen?
            Will it sneak up and attack
                        when I least expect it?
Tomorrow I will breathe
                                    Praise God!
But today,
            I am still apprehensive
                        Not sure
God protect us!
Woman hugging a pillow, relieved.

We live in uncertain times, staying home when I’m used to being with others, dancing, traveling and hugging. I haven’t been able to visit our ranch in southeastern Colorado and be rejuvenated by open prairies, a magnificent evening sunset silhouetting Saddlerock or an evening ride around our ranch with my brother looking for wildlife and sharing favorite memories!

I’m an extrovert, so I need you and your hugs! However, we can cope with this insanity—we just have to find the best way that works for our individual personalities!

I hope my words comfort your heart—take them as a virtual hug! Let me know how you have felt during this sad time! And there will be more!

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