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Apple, I Want My Company Back!

Steve Jobs was a visionary!

I want my Apple company back—the Steve Jobs Apple Company where the products were exceptional and innovative and the customer service outstanding. I’ve been an avid Apple supporter since 1986—36 years! I love Apple products and the visionary that Steve Jobs was, but something has gone wrong!

I am frustrated! I just spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to get a box to send back my old iPhone 7 for a rebate on my new iPhone 11 I bought last week.

In mid-September, like a crazy person, I pre-ordered my iPhone 11 online. I got caught up in the iPhone hysteria , thinking I could return my old phone when I picked up my new one. Yes, an iPhone 7–I loved and it was working perfectly, but I worried about the technology future with the trade wars going on with China, so I decided now was the time!

Last week I witnessed the iPhone 11 hysteria head-on! I picked up the new one on Release Day after standing in line for nearly one hour. The tech that worked with me said I had checked a box online saying I would return my phone online and Apple would send me a box to return it in. That didn’t sound right to me then, but I didn’t challenge her—I ASSUMED she knew what she was talking about.

Fast forward a week—I realized this morning I hadn’t received the box, so I called the only number I had on my phone – Apple Care, but I was sure they could help me connect with the appropriate department.

After being put on hold for several minutes, the Apple Care tech asked me to look at the iPhone 11 box to see if there was a label on it so I could use it to send back my old phone—really?? So, I got the box out—NOTHING. Then he connected me with the supposed right department.

After making sure I was truly who I said I was, the tech checked and told me that my online application said I would turn in my old phone when I picked up my new one! Whew! I thought I was losing it. Wait a minute! The instore tech said the opposite. What’s going on there?

In a cheerful voice, then the Apple tech asked if I liked my new iPhone 11.

“No, it randomly discconects from the network, so I have to keep reconnecting. I have several old apps that won’t open with the new operating system, and you sound like you’re in water right now.”

Her response, “Well, maybe it’s defective and you need to replace it.”

My response, “What a horrible statement about a brand new Apple products!”

So, then she said I had to go the Apple store in Albuquerque to return it—that she couldn’t send me a box. I begged, cajoled and demanded she send me a box. I’m not feeling well today, and I didn’t want to have to drive 18 miles to town to do this, plus navigate a parking spot and the hassle to get to the store. She kept repeating I had to go to the store to return it—THEY COULD NOT SEND A BOX!

After being put on hold for several minutes several times more, she returned reading to me from a document saying that since I didn’t turn it in at the time of the purchase when I was supposed to (I WANTED TO, BELIEVE ME! I DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!!), I couldn’t return it to the store, and Apple would send me a box!

REALLY!!! After 45 minutes!!! The tech really tried to help but her incompetence frightened me! I asked for a phone number to make a formal complaint, and she delayed and fumbled not finding it. I easily found the number on the Internet. So, I politely thanked her, hung up and called to complain.

The Apple representative at Customer Service listened quietly to my rant and rave and profusely apologized. I was so angry and was going to go down the “Angry Customer” path, then decided on a different route.

“I want my company back, the company of Steve Jobs. You are not going to run me off with your incompetence! If I was a new customer and they experienced what I just did for 45 minutes, you would have probably lost her. I will be bugging the hell out of you from now on! I WANT MY COMPANY BACK!!”

The Apple rep accepted my statement, we hung up and here I am.

I am!

I’m stubborn and will never leave Apple, but I am so disgusted with what just happened! I have an appointment with an Apple Tech to straighten out my iPhone woes—I’m sure they’ll fix it.

Is there another Steve Jobs-like person out there? PLEASE, WE NEED YOU!