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Days 9 -11: From Innsbruck to Munich & More

Lin & Larada in Reit im Windl, Germany - 9 Days
Lin & Larada in Reit im Windl, Germany

Days 9 – 11! Three fun-filled days lay ahead of us: from Innsbruck, Austria to the Hofbraeuhaus in Munich and more. We ended the week with a trip to Reit im Winkl, a scenic village near Grassau. That evening we had the pleasure of a traditional Bavarian show with lots of dancing and music!

Day 9: Innsbruck capital of Austrian Western State of Tyrol and Rattenberg am Inn – famous for Swarovski Crystal.

Fog hung by the mountain - Days 9

During our drive to Innsbruck, Austria from Grassau, we traveled along a valley with the steep Northern Chain mountains in view, 7,000-8,000 feet high. So scenic! Fog hung down on the mountains, adding a mystique to those glorious mountains so nearby.

When we got to Innsbruck, we did a bus tour first, then a walking tour. During the bus tour, the tour guide shared the history of the city. It was heavily bombed in World War II with twenty-two air raids. The bombings destroyed every second building. Innsbruck hosted the Olympics twice: 1964 and 1976. That wasn’t surprising with it surrounded by mountains.

During the walking tour, we saw the famous Goldenes Dachl (Golden roof).

“The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) is a landmark structure located in the Old Town (Altstadt) section of Innsbruck, Austria. It is considered the city’s most famous symbol. Completed in 1500, the roof was decorated with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximilian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza. The Emperor and his wife used the balcony to observe festivals, tournaments, and other events that took place in the square below.”

After the walking tour, we walked around the downtown area, and the mayor of Innsbruck rode by on a bike. He stopped, and we got our picture with him. What a friendly, hospitable ambassador for Innsbruck! Then we ate quickly to have time to shop.

From Innsbruck, we drove to Rattenberg on the Inn River, known for beautiful crystal. This little village sat right next to the river. We wandered along the main street shopping.

Lin by the Inn River

We danced that evening in the barn—an exceptional way to end the day!

I continued to write haikus about my experience:

Disconnected now!
Connected only in room!
I like the freedom!

I love Germany!
The home of my ancestors.
Their feet touched this soil.

(Thinking about our trip to Scotland in May)

I love Scotland, too!
The home of my ancestors.
Their feet touched this soil.

My heritage has
Deepened as I have traveled.
I’m more than I thought!

Day 10: Munich City Tour with English-speaking guide. Visit downtown Munich, including Marienplatz & the famous Hofbräuhaus. Return to Grassau in time for dinner and dance.

Again, we traveled to Munich, but this time to see the city! And once again, we enjoyed the bus tour seeing city and then walking see the people. Before the bus tour, we drove to the Nymphenburg Castle for a potty break. What gorgeous gardens surrounded the castle! During the bus tour, I take lots of notes—way too many to share here.

As we passed one building, the tour guide identified it as the building where Hitler spoke to the people. Today it is a high school. Then he stressed we need to be attentive to the Neo-Nazi movement because it’s a world-wide threat.

When the walking tour started, we had a tight schedule: we needed to get to the Marienplatz (heart of Munich) at noon to see the Glockenspiel in the New City Hall. As we walked rapidly, I kept my eye on Curtis, one of our tour guides. When we arrived in the Marienplatz, I had a couple minutes to get my camera ready, but tourists packed the Marienplatz!

How fascinating the Glockenspiel was! Here’s more information about each part:

Then we headed for the famous Hofbräuhaus. Our tour guide showed us where his beer stein is locked up—small little lockers lined the room.

How lucky we were! Lin and I headed towards the band and took several pictures, enjoying the Oom-pah music and the personalities of the musicians. A couple seated right by the band motioned to us to join them, so we spent the whole time there, sitting right by the band!

After sharing a sausage tray with three different sausages and the best sauerkraut ever, we leisurely listened to the band and enjoyed the show. Then we had plenty of time to leisurely shop and enjoy the atmosphere.

When we got home that evening, we danced again after dinner—I loved all the dancing!

Day 11: Morning: Visit the beautiful village of Reit im Winkl. Evening: Bavarian Traditional Schuhplattlers Show. Oom-pah music tonight.

We had a later morning departure, so we had a more relaxed morning. We had a rainy drive to Reit im Winkl, a beautiful alpine village. The bus driver told us the tale of how Bavaria won Reit im Winkl from Austria—very entertaining.

St. Pankratius Parish Church & Larada in her Yellow Raincoat - 9 Days
St. Pankratius Parish Church & Larada in her Yellow Raincoat

When we arrived, we walked to the St. Pankratius Parish Church and went inside. Again, I lit a candle for our friends, Bob and Linda, who had COVID. Then we hiked to the falls above the village. The rain added to the atmosphere, and I thoroughly enjoyed my yellow raincoat. Then we shopped around and ate some local goodies.

Flowers, flower boxes, flowers draped over balconies—that’s what I remember about this quaint little village.

On the trip back to Grassau, Gina Crisp told us her immigration story—so moving and so sad! But she has certainly taken her experience and had an open heart to all immigrants!

Curtis Crisp, one of our tour guides, dressed up for the Show - Days 9
Curtis Crisp, one of our tour guides, dressed up for the Show

After dinner that evening, we returned to the barn for the Bavarian Traditional Show—a highlight of the trip for me! I dressed warmly this time and kept comfy the whole evening. During the show, we enjoyed traditional Bavarian music and dance! During an open dance, Lin and I enjoyed a spirited polka—what fun!

The dancers spanned all ages from young children to grandpa and all in traditional outfits. I saw such similarity to our square dancing in their costumes. Also, it reminded me of dances I grew up in Branson, Colorado, with children allowed to enjoy themselves on the dance floor between dances. They ended the show with something like a Grand March or the Mexican “La Marcha” with floral arches they put into different shapes, ending in stars.

The children waiting patiently for their time to perform! Days 9
The children waiting patiently for their time to perform!

I took lots of video that evening!

Sample the Bavarian Traditional Schuhplattlers Show:

Sample the Oompah band

See these young boys trained up in their traditional Bavarian dance thrilled me

What a fantastic end to the day again—a celebration of Bavaria!

These three days fun-filled days are some of my favorites of the trip! Music, dance—you can’t beat that!

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