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During The Pandemic , I Wrote a Book!

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

To process my feelings during the coronavirus pandemic, I posted weekly on my blog, and these posts inspired my book, Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?

Each chapter begins with a thought-provoking photo and quote. Then I shared my feelings in prose or prayer on the topic of the chapter. Each one ends with a reflection question, so the book can be used as a journal to process the reader’s experiences.

It’s been a couple years. Is there a reason to look back? Søren Kierkegaard stated, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” I would agree.

My Thoughts

Recovery from Neuralgia! What a Challenge!

What is the biggest challenge you will face in the next six months?

In April 2022, I got shingles and ever since I’ve been dealing with postherpetic neuralgia on the right side of my face—forehead, eyelid, cheek and scalp.

I’ve taken Gabapentin for the pain and am now taking Lyrica and I use lidocaine salve, but I’m so tired of the pain. About a month ago, I started acupuncture, hoping it will help.

Mostly, I want my life back! I didn’t write a book in 2022–I couldn’t. I did write my this weekly blog and many haikus, but my next book sits over there, nudging me to return. Also I had started my second audiobook, Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?, and had gotten the whole book recorded and seven chapters revised, but I haven’t returned to it! I can’t right now.

So my biggest challenge is dealing with the pain and loss of writing.

My Thoughts

I Love to Laugh with Lin!

My husband, Lin, makes me laugh, and I love to be around him. His outrageous humor fills my day with so much laughter.

In recovery, we hav rule 62, ““Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”
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Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
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I have suffered often from this sad state. Lin starts most days with either a song or a made-up rhyme. Then he challenges me throughout the day with his humor to stay on the lighter side of life and laugh. Often, Lin catches me by surprises with his humor from out of nowhere.

Several years ago, a friend told us that laughter is the only thing that exercise your liver! Lin fills my days with liver exercise and laughter.

My Thoughts

Sadly, Yes, I Have Broken the Law!

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?

When I was still drinking in the 80s before DUI/DWI laws, I drove home one night in Loveland, Colorado going north on one of the one-way streets drunk after a night of partying. In the lane next to me, a policeman pulled up along side me. I knew I was drunk and didn’t flinch.

I knew I was drunk, and I repeated a phrase to myself my dad used to say when he was drunk and driving , “Keep the car between the lines!” So, that’s what I did and the policeman never knew.

Then I applauded my skill when I pulled into my driveway, proud of my accomplishment, but today I’m appalled at my behavior.

Nothing I’m proud, for sure!

My Thoughts

A Baby Boomer with a Purpose!

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

I’m 69 turning 70 this year, and I am a baby boomer with a purpose. I worked hard for 14 years as a beautician then 27 years as a middle school teacher. Since I retired in 2013, I found my third career—writing! Since 2014, I’ve self-published six books, three cookbooks and one audiobook.

I’ve found myself in writing my books and sharing my stories. I found my purpose and passion. It just took a while for me to find my purpose.