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Super Bowl LVII is Here!

Football fan? Yes, I am, but my team is not playing in the Super Bowl! My husband’s team is—the Philadelphia Eagles. So, we drove to Phoenix, Arizona to take part in the pre-game NFL Experience. No, we couldn’t afford to go to the game, but the NFL Experience was a blast.

How We ended up in Phoenix?

My brother is a super fan of the Denver Broncos—me too! When the Broncos went to the Super Bowl seven years ago, my brother has a big regret. The big game was in San Diego, California, and he lived in northern California. He regretted not going to their promotional week and has repeated that to me!

So, a month out from the Super Bowl, I warned my husband: The Eagles were winning, the Super Bowl this year is in Phoenix—7 hours away, Lin’s best friend, Bob, lived in Phoenix, and you don’t want to regret it!

When the Eagles won the NFC championship to go to the Super Bowl, I started googling the promotional week. Bob called and the plan fell into place.

Following Bob’s suggestion, I signed up for the NFL Experience on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 6:00 PM—it was a go! Bob and his wife, Linda, had tickets for Saturday, February 5 and planned to get the lay-of-the-land.

What I Had to Do to Go!

Then I remembered after doing that, I was supposed to go to a church training from Monday to Thursday, the same week. I emailed the leader of that and explained my situation and asked if I could rollover my registration to next year. She replied immediately, saying I could!

Then I texted my pet sitter to see if she could take care of my 20-year-old cat! It was a go!

How It Unfolded

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, we left home for Phoenix about 10:30 AM. We stopped in Grants, New Mexico for lunch at the Subways. To beginning our journey, I ordered a “Philly Cheese Steak” in honor of the Eagles.

After an uneventful and pleasant trip, we arrived at Bob and Linda’s house about 7:00 PM. We caught up and focused on the big event we faced the next day. They filled us in on what they had learned on Saturday—their day had been great but crowded!

 What the day looked like

Bob & Lin on the back side of the stadium!
Bob & Lin on the back side of the stadium!

On the morning of our big day, Bob toured us around Phoenix. We drove closer to the stadium and pulled in to the back of it and got pictures. After returning to their home for a brief break, we left their house at 3:00 PM, to be sure to get in on time. The couple we were meeting at the Food Court were easy to find.

Bronco repeat Super Bowl ring from 1998.
Broncos’ 1998 Super Bowl ring when they repeated winning!

Our first stop was to see the past Super Bowl rings. The line was long, but Bob and Linda told us the crowd wasn’t as large as Saturday. As we waited, we looked at jeweled helmets displayed by division. How amazing! When we finally moved up in line to see the rings, the size blew me away—so much larger than I could imagine!

Being the Bronco fan, I took pictures of each of our Super Bowl rings, and I also took pictures of the Eagles’ Super Bowl rings, too. Seeing the names of all the football heroes, I loved it!

To fully experience this NFL Experience, it’s participatory. So, all of us tried to throw a football through the letter “O” of a large display of Lowe’s. From there, two of us tried to kick a field goal.

The halls were full of historical displays that we didn’t have time to read. We ended the night in the NFL store, the size of a warehouse. It had three parts: Super Bowl LVII attire, Eagles, and Chiefs attire. I bought Super Bowl LVII clothing: a light jacket, a hat and a t-shirt. My husband stayed in Eagles’ section. What fun!

My Super Bowl hat & shirt!
My Super Bowl hat & shirt!


What an amazing experience! I didn’t take any Broncos shirts, but our friends told us on Saturday, fans wore paraphernalia for whatever team they loved! So I borrowed a Broncos’ shirt and Bob, Linda and I supported our Broncos! Of course, Lin proudly wore his Eagles’ stuff!

PS – I had hoped to get this done before the end of the Super Bowl, but I didn’t! The Chiefs won, but I wouldn’t exchange our memories at the NFL Experience in Phoenix for anything!

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A Reunion Reborn!

Last week on Saturday, August 27, 2022, the Branson-Trinchera Reunion saw a rebirth after being canceled for two years because of the pandemic. The creative committee came up with a different format, which attracted younger alumni.

So, this is how the day looked! The celebration started off at Branson’s new amazing football field with two games—first the junior high and then the high school. Many alumni circled the football field to cheer on both teams. We didn’t have football when I was in school. In fact, the football field is where the baseball field used to be!

The senior class manned the concession stand and provided needed refreshments on a hot day. What fun I had talking to old friends in the cafeteria—hugs galore!

After the two school games, there was an alumni flag football game. Several recent graduates stood in front of me and my car during the game, eager to get back on the field. As the high school game drew closer and closer to its finish, they put on their cleats and stretched muscles, ready to get on the field once more. During this game, the festivities began in the gym with an ice cream and dessert social. The committee provided the ice cream; the alumni brought the delicious desserts.

Keeping with tradition, the committee displayed Tom Cummins’ amazing historical photo collection and land plats. Many alumni with their families strolled by the photos, and I heard exclamations and shouts when someone recognized a relative.

The atmosphere of lifelong friendships and storytelling filled the air. What a pleasant experience! We only had a few “ole timers,” but people clustered around them to show their love and respect. The sad truth—we don’t have many “ole timers” left!

Kaylinn Gilstrap, a professional photographer, added an art show to the festivities, with its opening reception on August 13, 2022 from 3:00—6:00 PM and its closing reception coinciding with the reunion from 5:00—7:00 PM. This art show added quite an artistic flair to the traditional reunion. Many people ventured up to the old County Garage building to view the amazing artwork from many local artists and alumni.

I served on this committee for about twenty-five years, and we had seen a major decline in attendance. The “ole timers” were passing away. Many alumni from the 60s, 70s and 80s, for whatever reason, chose not to attend the reunion, and I don’t understand why. I love the fact that we had it this year—maybe different, but we had it.

When I first saw the flyer announcing a change of date and format, I have to admit I was skeptical. I couldn’t see how our elderly alumni could attend the football games, then stay for the social time with ice cream and desserts. I thought it would be too long! It worked!

Finally, it wasn’t the old format, but is that so bad? This innovative committee worked hard to provide the event we all love—a time to get together with family and friends. You can’t beat that.   

And now looking towards 2023 and the future. Next year we will celebrate 100 years for the Branson school. What a time to celebrate! (The black-and-white picture is the original Branson School!)

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