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2022, Hello!


2022 is here, and I’m ready! Each year arrives with new hope, new possibilities! Because of the last couple of years, I have mixed feelings. What does 2022 hold for us? With everything still on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, join me in my wondering!

My Book Business in 2022

Four of my books - 2022
3 of my books - 2022

I now have six books and three cookbooks in my stable. I plan on focusing on my book business and becoming more proficient in the administering of it. My mission statement is “a baby-boomer with a purpose.”

I have five areas of focus this year:

  1. Writing
  2. Recording audiobooks of my books
  3. Online Memoir workshop
  4. Promoting
  5. Continued training

Today I wrote a plan for each area so I use my time more efficiently. Obviously, writing is my major focus. I have two books in the works: a description of my experience of writing Flippo’s biography and what I learned and the first book in a poetry series. Before the pandemic, I had a successful Memoir Workshop I presented at various libraries in the area. Now, I plan to host it online through Zoom.

Audiobooks are another major focus of this year. I will record, Let Me Tell You a Story, first. After that, I plan to record my newest book, Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?. Then, I will tackle This Tumbleweed Landed and then When Will Papa Get Home? Sounds ambitious, maybe, but I’ll let you know my progress.

Promoting takes so much of my time. I hope to be more systematic at my promotions this year. And last, I have bought some great training packages over the years, so I plan to incorporate training in my weekly schedule.

2022 Goals

My Personal Life This Year


I want to dance! I’m getting cabin-fever and want my old life back. As I look at 2022, I see annual festivals we normally attended and yearn to go. Normally we’re in Arizona at the end of January at Hummingbird Hoedown, so I’m hoping we can make that this year.

Because we have a mask mandate, here in New Mexico, we haven’t danced since August—Lin can’t dance with a mask, so I’ve stayed home. But I’m going to go to a weekly Advance dance with a girlfriend because I can dance the guy’s part.

Hopefully, the three local festivals I’m involved in will not be canceled again this year: Duke City Singles and Doubles’ Spring Fling, New Mexico State Square and Round Dance Festival and 16th Annual Hot August Nights.

Dancing is my passion and I just have to dance!

Our Ranch

Recently, I went to our family ranch in Colorado, but I want to go monthly and spend more time there.

Our Response to the coronavirus

As a couple, Lin and I have been super conservative, staying home mostly for the last two years. We will continue being cautious, but hopefully activities will open up more this year.

My Spiritual Life in 2022

Because of such major changes in our lifestyle, we stayed home these last two years, providing me an opportunity to go deeper spiritually. I plan to continue the habits I’ve honed over these couple years of dedicating time to a Quiet Time in the morning to read devotionals and study Scriptures and write. I also plan to add more meditation to my daily habit.


I always anticipate the best for each new year: a blank page where I get to decide how to fill it. What do you feel at the beginning of a new year?

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Coronavirus · My Thoughts · poetry

What Have I Discovered?

What have I discovered during these months of shelter-in-place? It may seem like a strange question, but never before in my adult life have I had the opportunity to slow down my pace for four months straight and look spiritually at my life. That always takes on a physical aspect.

My physical life often run parallel with my spiritual life. A deep cleaning and cleansing in my spirit coincides with actual activity in the physical realm.

During the March, April and May, I worked feverishly on finishing my new book project and getting it published then, I promoted it like crazy. The coronavirus pandemic raged in the world—death and disease the focus. I needed to focus on life, my life during this crazy time.

June gave me the opportunity to attack on item on my “To Do List” that had haunted me for nine years—cleaning out a storage shed.

Nine years ago, in November, Lin and I married and we had the daunting task of combining two households. Lin’s solution: he bought a storage shed and I put a lot of my stuff in there.

About five years ago, I tried to start the sizable job of going through it. I got bit by a spider the first day and had quite an ordeal, so I stayed away from it for a couple years.

Another year, I went through my teaching library and gave that away, and last year, I had a niece becoming a teacher, so I gathered up more, but the Flippo biography monopolized my time.

Monday of this week, I started on that dreaded task and have worked off-and-on all week and am nearing the end. Lin already took one load to Goodwill, and he ended up taking another!

What a time I’ve had looking at my life! I’ve had a couple serendipities that have blessed my heart!

Here’s the poem I wrote about this experience:

I Found More of My Life!

June 17, 2020

Nine years ago,
            My life went into storage
                        Precious artifacts
                                    Of fifty plus years!
Not enough room
            In my new home.
I moved into
            Lin’s house
                        When we married.
Not enough space
            Many of my things relegated
Nine years
            My soul pined for me
                        For familiarity
                        For my things
Consciously, I did not 
            We were happy
                        Surrounded by Kathi’s things (Lin’s deceased wife)
                                                Lin’s things
                                                            And a parcel of mine
I squelched the soft pleas
            The gentle clamors
My De Grazia collection of paintings
            My blue ceramic miniature Nativity set
                        My chicken dance hat
I ignored me
            Once again
Time ticked away
Once, I tried
            About five years ago
                        But I got bit by a spider
So I stopped
So disconnected
Then last year,
            I started again
                         With my teaching supplies
                                          To give to Cheryl, my niece
Not to reclaim my life!
This week
            I retrieved my life
                        I threw out garbage
                                    I recycled treasures
                                                Not needed
                                    I laid hands on
                                                Precious treasures forgotten!
Not forgotten
I rescued more
            Of me!

During the cleaning process, I organized over 150 “Morning Pages” into four boxes. In 1994 I started this practice, suggested by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist Way. The suggestion is to write 3 pages everyday on whatever you want. I’ve been faithful in the practice. I’m currently on notebook #157, but my organization of these notebooks was helter-skelter until now! I love the line-up of boxes! You can see on the last two boxes I had to fix the information! In my organization process, I couldn’t find the 80s and a couple others. On the day I was finishing up, I found the box hid on the bottom shelf in the corner, so I had to renumber the last two boxes! It felt good to solve a mystery!

My four boxes of Morning Pages Notebooks!

Another serendipity I will note. I discovered the rest of the blue ceramic Nativity set I bought in Mexico years ago. Recently when I was dusting the living room, I saw Mary, the Madonna, but where was the rest of it? In one of the boxes, I found it and answered this strange question. Why was Mary in the house and not the rest of the set? I feel a short story brewing there, yet another mystery solved!

Whew!! I discovered old treasures. I threw out stacks of papers kept for years. I recycled select times. I organized, organized, organized! I think it’s a spiritual experience cleaning out the old yet celebrating it all in a new way!

How about you? Is cleaning a time of discovery for you, too? If so, how?

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