From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbook, Volume 1

My Mom was a fantastic ranch cook with a pie recipe dating back to 1952–she got it from our family doctor’s wife, Mrs. Barglow who was from Germany.

So I decided to make a cookbook of Mom’s recipes for a Christmas gift for family members. It turned out so beautiful that I want to offer it to anyone who would like a copy.

It is full color and 20 pages of pie, cake and Christmas candy recipes in my Mom’s own handwriting–I scanned her recipe cards with smears and stains of many years of use.

If you are interested, email me at larada@earthlink.net

I will continue producing a new cookbook once a year until I run out of recipes. Another really special recipe she used regularly is a roll recipe that was my Grandma Horner’s, so I will probably do breads next year!

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