Let’s Celebrate Poetry Month

“When you live in a rapidly moving swirl, you can only view your surroundings with a glance. Poetry requires us to slow down, to take time to pause. ”
—Naomi Shihab Nye, Academy of American Poets Chancellor

As a Language Arts & Literature teacher for many years, I presented a poetry unit every year.  My students loved the variety that we read and wrote.  Many of them wrote beautiful heart-filled words about their changing world and middle school experience.

One of my favorite poetry web site is Academy of American Poets – http://www.poets.org/

You can go there and sign up for a poem-a-day.  I love this option–receive meaningful emails that sing with the soft sound of poetry.

Poetry forces me to slow down and see this world in a different light, in a thoughtful glance, and then to shine the light out to the world through my words and thoughts!

Yes, I am a poet above all else!

Hey, there! I would love to hear from you!

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