Are A Lot of People Bibliophobic Today?

Bibliophobic?  I am at a spring craft show at the most affluent school in our city, selling six my self-published books, and people veer completely away from my booth like they are deathly afraid of books.  It’s almost comical.

I am the opposite.  Books draw me to them. I am compelled to buy another book, even though I have stacks and stacks of unread tomes at home.

So do people read as much today?  A statistic I need to research.

Many do. I see them in airplanes, in the park and on buses. So what about these people who won’t even make eye contact with me? I wonder.

Books have always been friends. What’s your thoughts about books?

45 thoughts on “Are A Lot of People Bibliophobic Today?

    1. Seriously? They veer away from u? That is hilarious! I would be drawn to your books. And HI!

  1. Hi 🙂 I think a lot of folks are reading on ipads, kindles, etc these days. I sometimes wonder if these younger folks even know what a real book is. I love going to the Goodwill store near me, there are tons of hardbacks & paperbacks, many new or used in good condition at good prices. I have books all over my house. Truth be told, I actually prefer the printed word, I like being able to hold a book in my hands, turning actual pages at my own pace, admiring the cover art & perusing the blog on the dust cover. If I saw you at a craft fair with piles of books in front of you, I’d be over in a heartbeat!

  2. Maybe they are on a really strict budget which they know they will fail to follow if they go to the book table so they stay away.

  3. Most of my life I veered away because I was more into movies and TV. Once I finally pushed myself to give a book a real try, I can never put one down. Now I prefer books over movies and TV. But I think most people feel books are entertainment of the past such as radio is now compared to TV

  4. Hi, I love books. Because of my eye sight it is better for me to read on an ereader, but I still have physical books that I love and will never give up.

  5. Hi, I love books and would have made a bee line to your booth. Because of my poor eye sight it is easier for me to read from an e-reader, but I still love and have physical books.

  6. I too go running towards books. Books have always been my friends and I always encourage my children to take adventures between pages as well. Though I do know a few people that act like reading is a form of torture. So sad. They are really missing out on so much.

  7. Just crazy , I always loved reading and I knew all of the librarians by name and they all knew me. Couldn’t keep me out of the library or away from books if you tried lol.

  8. Hi! Books have always drawn me to them and will always continue to do so. So many people are technology driven that their research constitutes asking Google and that’s it.

  9. Hi…I don’t understand how a person doesn’t like to read. I love books…I love big old dusty books!

  10. I’ve read books before I could walk straight! Mom used to give me a book and I would be quiet unless I didn’t know a word. Needless to say, it was easy to have peace in the house once I figured out how to sound out the words for myself!

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