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Replacing a Light Bulb–An Ah Ha Experience


Do you ever let household chores slip by for months before you remember to do them?

At Christmas time,  I looked up at the light fixture in the bathroom of our house in Branson, CO and chuckled. One of the bulbs burned out about six months ago, and I just now remembered it. I am 5’3″ and the ceilings in our old rock house are 10 foot or better. Changing out light bulbs is a major event for this short person!

What helped at this moment was my 6’5″ nephew was visiting after Christmas, so I asked for his help. Caden always is willing to help.  Quickly, he climbed one or two steps on the ladder–I would have been on the top step and still stretching to reach the target. The job was done in a matter of minutes with no fear of falling and little effort.

This simple project has been whirling in my mind for the last few weeks. Immediately when the light burned out, I noticed how dim the lighting was in the bathroom, but as time passed, it gradually became the norm. I didn’t notice any longer.

How often in life I have done that with major issues I face! Looking at the solution for this problem gives me some guidelines to apply the next time I let something go for a long period of time and then realize it:

  1. Awareness is key, so I need to be present in my life, not walking through my life numb and preoccupied with thoughts racing through my mind. I need to be here. I need to face my reality and be willing to fix whatever I face.
  2. Have the right tools. A hammer is not the tool for every job, so I need to analyze the situation and then find the appropriate tool for the task.
  3. Have welling volunteers to help. More times than not, if I ask someone to help, they happily comply. I don’t want to bother someone else with my petty needs, so I don’t ask.
  4. I must ask for help. People can’t read my mind. To ask someone for help is to offer him or her the opportunity to help, to be of service. Most people love to help a friend or relative when needed.

What’s your thoughts on this topic?

2 thoughts on “Replacing a Light Bulb–An Ah Ha Experience

  1. Lucky you to have a 6’5″ helper! I used to be 5’2″-now I am 5’1/2″. We are almost neighbors as distance is measured here in SE Colo. I live in Lamar, and am familiar with the country clear down to OK. and into eastern KS. I have been through Branson, so I know where it is. I grew up on a ranch southeast of Eads, and lived there until 1988, when my husband died. No electricity, running water, nor indoor facilities; I can relate to your stories. Sincerely, Joyce 81 yo.

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