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Day 4 & 5 Killarney and the Ring

As we drove from Blarney to Killarney, I wondered how we would find our bed and breakfast because Ireland doesn’t use street numbers. When we got into Killarney, Lin stopped at a gas station and I went in and asked–no idea where Rock Road was.

We continued down the street and there were no street signs. We slowed down, rolled down the window and asked a man walking by about our destination. He pointed down the street and said you’re on Rock Road. Our bed and breakfast was right there.

Our host, Pat and Mary, at Rathmore House Bed and Breakfast, were exceptional. They welcomed us and made us feel right at home. Lin enjoyed talking gardening with Mary.

IMG_0211 BnB Sign

Pat gave us directions to Ross castle and Musross House. Lin asked him to book us a tour of the Ring of Kerry for the next day; Pat agreed with Lin that he didn’t want to drive it because he wouldn’t get to enjoy the scenery.

So away we went and toured the Ross Castle

IMG_0126 Ross Castle closer.JPG

and the Musross House.

IMG_0164 Muckross House.JPG

Again, the next morning we had a traditional Irish breakfast starting with porridge (oatmeal).

The Ring of Kerry tour was fantastic. Our first stop was at a bog village, a replica of an Irish village. Here’s a traditional thatched roof.

IMG_0226 Thatched Roof.JPG

Our next stop was watching a shepherd (Below) demonstrate how his well-trained dogs responded to a personal whistle signal to bring the herd of sheep down from the upper pasture. You can barely see the sheep in this picture–one dots.

The dogs worked like clockwork to bring the sheep down the hill.

IMG_0303 shepherd

IMG_0317 Shepherd & Dog

You can see how eager the dog is to work–he’s ready to go. It was amazing to watch the dogs and their eagerness to perform.

After the demonstration, the shepherd took questions from the audience and my husband, Lin, asked the following question: “Does the training technique you use with the sheep dogs work on wives?” The men laughed; the women gasped. I just shook my head–that’s Lin!

Our lunch time stop had a breathtaking view of the ocean from the Scarriff Inn.

IMG_0455 Scarriff Inn.JPG


Here’s a picture of me enjoying this beautiful landscape.

IMG_0447 La Smile.JPG

As we traveled the ring of Kerry, the hillsides were dotted with heather and fuchsia, so the wide variety of green was highlighted with purple and red.

IMG_0438 Fuchsia.JPG

Our last stop on the loop was the small village of Sneem. I bought a colorful winter wool knitted cap, and Lin ate ice cream.

Here’s Sean Sullivan, our bus driver and us–what a memorable day it was!

IMG_0474 Lin, John & La.JPG

After Sean dropped us off near downtown Killarney, we walked around, had a coffee and spent the evening relaxing. Killarney became one of our favorite spots in Ireland.


5 thoughts on “Day 4 & 5 Killarney and the Ring

  1. I am absolutely obsessed with Castles! Love the pictures and hope to be able to visit it one day 😊 Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have made me miss all of our family in Ireland . My niece merried a great young man from Dublin and his Mom is coming for Christmas.Thier first baby is due November 17th.Hoping to get back home to Ireland next year. Thank you for allowing all of us to share your pictures.Sincerely Micielle Carter.

    1. Micielle,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I have more to come. My husband and I fell in love with Ireland & the people!!! I will Post a new blog tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

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