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I ended my travelogue about our trip to Ireland and England a couple weeks ago and now wonder what to write about in this blog. I love sharing my life through this blog, but  what I’ve posted recently hasn’t been received well.

A friend told my husband if I wrote about sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, I’d sell more books–that’s an interesting comment on today’s society. I’m afraid it’s true though, and this attitude permeates the blog world, too.

Here are some topics near and dear to my heart:

  • Travel – Lin and I have taken several cruises since we married and I have traveled to Mexico and Guatemala–adventures all of them
  • Writing–I’m a self-published author of four books and three cookbooks and have a wealth of information about writing
  • Retired Educator–27 years as a English, Spanish and computer middle school teacher who spent the last seven years of my career working at the district level with lots of education stories
  • Retirement–what it is and is not
  • Turning 65 years old–interesting pivotal change in my life–can I be sexy at 65?
  • Co-manage a ranch in southeastern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico–during this drought, I have wondered how my Dad dealt with previous droughts when the ranch was his sole financial means
  • 16 year old cat, Jesse–has feline diabetes and it’s been a struggle but it blesses me every day
  • Dancing–my husband and I square and round dance all over with friends from as far away as Sweden and Germany
  • My Recovery work

I’m at a crossroad and would love your help.

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What do you think? Let me know because I would like to share about any and all of these topics.


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