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Costa Rica Reflections in Poetry


While we prepared for our Costa Rica adventure and during the trip, I wrote a couple poems. I love to reflect on the moment and express it through poetry, so here you go! Enjoy!

Inside of an airplane
A Flight to Discovery

January 7, 2020

Air rages through vents
Above my head
I’m so tired
            But satisfied
Everything worked this morning!
A sleepless night haunted me
            Too much to do!
                        Too much energy
                                    Coursed through my body
            My soul wanted to explode!
Busyness kept me awake
            Task to do
            A deadline looming
            Life engaged
Now I sit on the brink
            Between going and coming
                        Leaving and arriving
                        My home and our destiny
I await the adventure
            The clouds
            The large world
                        Ahead of me!
I savor the moment
            The gap
Waiting to take off
            Knowing God’s hand
                        Holds me up.
Anticipating the coming adventure
I take the fun with me
            My joy
                        The enlightment God gives on a regular basis!
I’m ready
            The door closed!
The stewardess talks the talk
            Cross check
            Ariplane mode
A routine so familiar,
            It’s lost into obscurity.
People settle in
            Bags tucked in
            Devices readied to use
                        It’s here!
Quetzal bird taken with my iPhone
The Quetzal Mystery

January 10, 2020

Did I see it? Didn’t I?
Forty years I waited
            Not seeing
                        Illusive iridescent
                                    Blue green tail feathers
            Blowing in the breeze
Today I saw!
            I witnessed the magic!
            I saw the flutter of
                        That tail in the breeze!
Once removed
            Is that legitimate?
I envisioned seeing
            The Quetzal up close
                        And personal
Our guide spotted it
            Set up his scope
                        Took pictures with
                                    Our iPhones
                                    My iPhone
And I never saw it
            With the naked eye!
I witnessed it second hand
            Is that Okay?
The mystery continues
            The Quetzal
                        In its majesty
                                    Reined supreme!
Gangs of bird lovers
All in a communal spirit
            Saw the Quetzal!
A dream come true
            Who cares if it’s
I got up at 4:45 a. m.
            Wrapped in layers
            Trekked the dusty road
            Ran after our guide
                        As he move
                                    From spot to spot!
It’s here
            The male’s here
                        Eating avocados
            The female’s here
                        She’ll attract him.
Let’s move
            Give me your iPhone
Pictures, gasps
A rewarding morning
            Wandering between
                        Two worlds.

For me, poetry captures the essence of the emotions involved!

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