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Occasions in Life: Write Poetry!

Pen and paper - occasions

All occasions are an occasion to write a poem—Christmas presents, graduation presents and even a wedding gift for my husband.

I wrote the following poem for my great nephew in 2019 when I couldn’t attend his graduation because I was sick. It comes to mind today because I just returned from Columbus, Georgia, where I attended his graduation from Army boot camp. Quite an occasion! As I watched him these past few days with his friends, I remembered the theme of this poem and needed to share it.

An Occasion Then

The Man I Choose to Be

May 24, 2019

Everyone comes to cross roads

            In life

                        Those defining moments

Last night was one for you!

            High school graduation!

                        Yes, a big and memorable one!

You’ve made the choice over

            The last twelve years

                        To attend

                        To be present

                        To do the work

            And last night you received the reward!

Family and friends surrounded you

            To cheer

            To shed a tear or two

            To honor


The last twelve years defined you.

            I’ve seen your effect on people.

            After ball games, swarmed

Young boy with a man - occasions

            By admiring friends, old and young.

            A smile graced your lips

                        Even if you lost.

            Deep down inside a winner

                        No matter what!

            The commitment to people     

                        You have is admirable,

                                    And people love you for it!

Your life hasn’t been easy.

            For several years, I seldom saw you.

                        Your life unfolded

                                    With jagged edges.

Then your move to Floydada

            Truly a gift from God; we reconnected.

I treasure each moment we have spent together

            On the ranch

                        Looking for mountain lions

            At the house

                        Playing a rousing game of Pip

Those memories will last a lifetime.

Now the future looms ahead

            Large and unimaginable!

Where to go? What to do?

Today and tomorrow,

            You choose the man   

                        You want to be!

            It won’t come easily.

                        Temptations may lure you

                                    To veer off course.

Your future is connected to your past.

Don’t let feelings rule your life.

            Feelings come and go.

            But they don’t have to control you.

Be hypervigilant with one especially –


Anger is just a feeling,

            Like so many others,

                        Yet powerful and seductive.

Deal with it, face it,

Get it out

            However you can to heal.

You have a guide,

            A friend,

            A man to emulate,


And I know you know him personally.

I know you.

            You’ll choose to be the man

God created you to be!

I remember a gentle loving

            Young man who cared

                        For Aunt Willie in Branson

                                    One Christmas!

            She always asked about you!

                        A loving man in the makings!

Yes, you will face a crossroads or two ahead.

                        Which way?

                                    Right or


My suggestion—

            Always choose you and God!

An Occasion Now

Two Army soldiers - occasions

As I watched my great nephew after the Blue ceremony on Thursday, this poem came to mind because once again he has chosen well! Other young men flocked to him—either a light touch on the shoulder acknowledging their connection or a full-fledged frontal attack of a bear hug! Once again, he connected deeply with his peers. During bootcamp, they gave him a leadership role, so he continues to embrace “the man he chooses to be” in a positive vein. I also saw two young men drive a distance to be with him on this momentous occasion who had been his roommate before enlisting! Deep connections! My poem identifies his characteristics that draw people to him.

Poetry record specific occasions, special times, and I didn’t have another one in me on this recuperation-from-a-travel day that could say any better what I said a short four years ago. I love the spirit of this poem and how it points to a man to emulate—Jesus! And that it’s my choice to become the man or woman God created me to be! I can’t blame circumstances or events for the way I turned out—the power lives in my choice!

Book pages create a heart - occasions


Any occasion whispers to me to write a poem to commemorate it. As I ponder images and words, the message usually surprises me! That’s the joy of writing, especially poetry!

How do you commemorate special occasions in your life? Photos? Yes, I take lots of photos, too! Poems? Narratives? Think about sharing them with your loved ones as a special gift—the gift of words!

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  1. Larada, I thought I read the poem before but it was new to me. Wonderful loving and as you said, capturing his person inside the poem. Love your words. thanks for sharing.

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