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Moms Everywhere: Bless You!

Mom & Larada

Bless you, Moms everywhere! This day slows downs, steps aside from the rush and the hurry, and celebrates moms everywhere! You are the backbone of our worlds! I’ve never been a mom, but I marvel at how you do it all: the laundry, the meals, the housecleaning and the job! It’s beyond my comprehension!

So, I want to salute my dear mom once more! I never tire of writing about her. I remember her perky personality and giggles that often caused me to giggle. Then a chain reaction of laughter filled the room. As I wrote this, I pondered her as a young mother, the mother I don’t remember!

How Did You Manage?

How did you manage?

My heart beat next to yours

            For nine months.

I felt what you felt     

            Your loves and fears

                        Ate what you ate

Spicy food often

                        Loved what you loved

                                    Dancing, dancing and Dad!

My world was you!

I always knew you wanted me!

            Never a doubt!

You didn’t know I was a girl

            The daughter that would complete

your family!

Quickly everything changed

            For me!

My comfortable world

            Of warm


                                    And you!

My birth came

            You square danced the night

                        Before I was born!

                                    Doing what you and Dad loved!

Did you feel any pain

            When Dad twirled you that night?

Did your big belly bounce

            To the beat of the music?

                        Is this why I love to dance?

Was my birth hard?

            You never spoke of the pain

                        Only the glory!

You welcomed me into your family

            A dad who cherished me,

A brother, thirteen months older than me

            A baby himself

            Three half-siblings who saw me

                        As the spoiled baby!

A young mother of twenty-five,

            I wonder how you managed,

                        Me, a new born

                        My brother, so close to my age!

                                    Really two babies!

How did you manage?

Did you have many sleepless nights?

            Did you have arms aching from holding

                        Two sleeping babies?

                                    Did the mounting heap of diapers

                                                Seem to never end?

You never spoke of the responsibility,

                        Only the glory!

You managed

            Like all mothers do!

                        You did what you had to do,

                                    Washed diapers,

                                                Filled bottles with milk.

                                                            You marveled at my

                                                                        Small fingers wrapped

                                                                                    Around yours!

Mother and baby's hand - Mom

And you loved

            Every minute!

Yes, you managed!

            You managed well!

Writing poetry always puts me in another dimension in thinking about a familiar topic. I thought I had written everything there was to say. I have written several poems about mom, an entire book about losing her, yet here, in a fresh moment, these words came.


Happy Mother’s Day, Moms—how do you manage it all? You just do it and love every minute.

Celebrate your mom today and remember her on this special day!

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