A Thunderstorm Diverts Me Today

Everything I wanted to do this afternoon was on the computer, and a summer thunderstorm hit with lightning and thunder.

Reminded me of many childhood days when I was working on the sewing machine to make my 4-H project.  The lightning would start and my 4-H leader, Margaret Lewis, and I would stop production for the day.

I ran home, skipping through the mud puddles, and my family would sit on the porch, dazzled by the much-needed rain.  As soon as it quit raining, we would pile into the pickup and go out to the ranch, checking each rain gauge my Dad and Granddad had put up on fence post.  The gauge–an Alka Seltzer bottle.

We would go from gauge to gauge, dumping out the rain water and Dad would make a mental note of the amount and then record it when we got home.

Ritual–yes!  The dry plains of southeastern Colorado needed every drop of water it got.

So today took me back.  I breathed a sigh and did other things, enjoying the sound that only rain can make.  Our garden needs the rain; local ranchers and farmers do too–and my spirit does too!

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