Is 61 Years Old Too Late? I Self-Published My First Book

As a beautician, I was on my feet for eight to twelve hours a day, but when I locked the door for the night, I was done. I worked weekends, envious of those who didn’t. Holidays were our busiest times! I loved the adult conversation and interaction and I loved the creative expression that being a beautician offered me.
As a teacher, I had the weekends off and time in the summer except when I was going to school or working to compensate my teacher’s salary. My mornings started early and my nights were filled with grading papers, sponsoring clubs, baking for bake sales, and reading adolescent literature–I was an English teacher, so I was always reading to prepare for the next lesson and unit. I loved my active middle school students and their thirst for life.

In the later years of my education profession, I worked at the district level, and the demands and stress were different. We had deadlines, projects, projects, projects and more deadlines but no nightly papers to grade. I facilitated training and was one of the district technology support personnel. I loved the collaboration with my colleagues and technology.

Yes, my focus was out there for most of my professional life—keeping my customers satisfied and educating energetic middle school students. Now my focus has been on me, my words, my thoughts–what a delightful change. 

Originally I had no plans after the book was published. I bought 100 copies and sold them to family and friends. Then I started receiving positive feedback, and I did several book readings and signings at public libraries. I sold the original book order so I bought more books. A small thought crept into my mind. I maybe can be successful at writing and publishing. 

I have scoured the Internet for all the freebies or inexpensive support to promote my book as a self-published author–there’s lots of resources out there. I have listened to numerous webinars about this profession. I bought two eBooks to help me – “77 Ways to Find New Readers” and “How to Market a Book.” Both have been helpful, but 77 Ways has specific suggestions and is a short read. I made a check list so I can check off the suggestions I have done–that helps me! 

I did make a major investment in my future and paid for a course in promoting my book nationally. It is the BestSeller Blueprint with Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield. It’s pricey, but I respect the success that Jack Canfield has had in the publishing world! 

All in all, I relish the direction my life has taken here in retirement. I have three more books to publish: a poetry collection about my grief process around Mom’s death, a fictional short story about a notorious horse thief which was a story I grew up with, and more stories and poems about growing in southeastern Colorado in a small country town during the fifties and sixties. 

The future is bright–I am writing. I am sharing my words with others, and I am growing. It is never too late to make that specific dream come true; I am proof of that!

3 thoughts on “Is 61 Years Old Too Late? I Self-Published My First Book

  1. Interesting. I am age 71 and self-publishing my book, Barking From the Front Porch to be released about Sept. 30, 2015. This self-publishing journey is turning out to be an adventure. I’ll follow your adventure a bit and see where it leads me. Thanks. If you want to follow me a bit I will have a web site up by the end of September. It will be http://www.barkingfromthefrontporch.com

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