Revision of My New Book

Today I spent 6 hours revising my new book, When Will Papa Get Home?, using Hemingway, an app I recently bought. I originally wrote the story by hand then put it on the computer. I put it aside for 20+ years and decided it was time to publish it, but I needed to beef it up.  It was only about 5000 words. 

My first book was a poetry book with a couple stories.  This book is a historical fiction book, so the genre is completely different.  

I have had a blast fleshing it out with research I have done on the Internet and with friends at home. It is now about 12,000 words and I am still adding to it.

My goal is to have it ready to publish by November. I need to have it edited after I finish revising.

Last week my brother and I visited the homestead where the story is set.  I took several pictures and will be sharing them with you. One of the pictures will be the cover.  I hadn’t been there in years and had forgotten much of the surrounding area around the homestead house. 

Stay tuned for the pictures. 

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