Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium-Day 1

I am vendor at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium and into the first day.  I am selling 4 books:  From Grannie’s Kitchen Cookbook, Let Me Tell You a Story, and the 1sr and 2nd edition of This Tumbleweed Landed.

 What has surprised me is the cookbook has sold the best.  I have only one more copy left–with several people saying they are coming back to buy it.  It will be fun to see who gets the last copy.  There might be a wrestling match for it!

And the booklet that I thought would sell the best here, Let Me Tell You a Story which is the story of how my Granddad Horner put our ranch together during the Depression, hasn’t sold at all.  People look at it, then tell me their family or friend’s story that is similar.

More people need to record their family’s ranching stories so we have record of the struggle that happened to put our family ranches together.

The rain has affected the attendance today, but I have had a blast so far.  I have handed out lots of bookmarks and many people scope out all the vendors the first day and do their serious shopping on Saturday.

Hey, there! I would love to hear from you!

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