Betwixt and Between

I am waiting, waiting, waiting!!  How appropriate!  I am waiting for  When Will Papa Get Home? to be professionally edited, and it’s so hard to wait.

I hope to keep my release date of Saturday, November 21, 2015–Sandia Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, but it has been 13 days that I have been waiting.

I should have allowed more time between the editing and revising process and the release date, but the crunch happened.

Next book I will allow one month between release date and final editing and revising, so I have learned a lot.

I also have my Dad’s story, Let Me Tell You a Story, in process at createspace.com too, but I think it will be ready to order tomorrow, so I should be OK.

But tomorrow will be full if I get the final edits and revisions, because I will need to do that work first, upload the new document and then wait for their final review and approval before I can order the books for November 21.

The message of this blog–allow enough time so you’re not biting your nails worrying if you will get it all done on time.

I did receive twenty copies of “From Grannie’s Kitchen, Volume 1“–my Mom’s cookbook today, so I am good with that.

It will be OK not matter how it turns out!

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