Release Party on Facebook

My new book, When Will Papa Get Home?, is out and I had a Release Party last Sunday, December 6, 2015 on Facebook from 6:00-6:30 pm. I wrote out a script with a timeline and what I was to do.

My husband video-taped an introduction for me and I started with that.  I uploaded it too late–I started at 5:55 pm and I should have started 5 – 10 minutes before, so I started a couple minutes late.

Here’s the timeline of the party I followed:

6:00 – Welcome Video & Timeline of party

6:05 – Story Behind the Story

6:10 – Great discount on ebook at Amazon for a limited time announcement

6:15 – Excerpt – Preface & Chapter 1

6:20 – Pictures

6:25 – Questions & Answers

6:30 – ebook discount announced

I created an Event on Facebook and invited lots of people, but only a couple actually showed up. I should have been more selective of who I invited.

I ended the Release Party with the announcement that my ebook would be FREE on Amazon for a limited time.

It was hard to interact on Facebook like I thought I could, so I am thinking a webinar would be better. It was a great learning process.

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