My Thoughts

Hello 2017!

celebrationHappy New Year to you!

I enter this year with sadness and anticipation–more so that other years.

My sadness comes from thinking about the past and facing a year of uncertainty. It will be four years since my Mom died. Last year was filled with losses too. We have some dear friends facing major health crisis and that shadows what this year may be.

The weather in southeastern Colorado continues to be dry–we need deep moisture to heal the drought we experienced last summer. How do ranchers and farmers deal with the uncertainty of the weather and mother nature?

I’m new to this position but I so respect my Dad and all my ranching and farming friends who have experienced this for years. My Dad would say it’s just a part of the job.

I base my anticipation on my eternal optimism.  I have a book ready to be published. My husband and I scheduled out our fun travels fro 2017  for pleasure and dancing last week–looks like a great year.

We got snow in New Mexico a couple days ago, so the dryness received some relief here.

All in all, I know that possibilities abound this year, and I am ready.


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