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A Father’s Day Tribute

I continue to veer off of the Ireland/England trip–Father’s Day is a good detour. Next week, I will return, and there are only two more days left in our England/Ireland trip.

01 DAD COVER copy
Dad on his favorite cutting horse, Rusty

This week I want to pay tribute to Harold Horner, my Dad. He was a ole cowboy and loved the family ranch, wife and his family. He was a unique person–he loved people and could talk your leg off (a family description of him), but he preferred cattle and horses. Dad was the most comfortable on the family ranch, working side-by-side with his Dad until Granddad passed away. Then Mom became his side kick, doing the daily chores of a ranch together.

Dad smelled of leather, sweat and nicotine.

He was a two pack a day Camels smoker for most of his life which stained his cigarette fingers a nasty yellow. He did quit smoking later in life but the damage had already been done. The leather smell emanated from his chaps and cowboy boots, dusty and dirty from work on the ranch. The sweat came from his weathered cowboy hat and his body. He was old school and believed you only needed to shower once a week and that was on Saturday night to go to the dance.

I loved the mixture of these smells–the aroma of my Dad.

Besides the ranch and his family, Dad loved to dance–his smooth moves on the dance floor with Mom captured my heart. He was Fred Astaire to me–my favorite dancer partner. He created a special step that only he did–said he got drunk one night, stumbled, and liked how it felt. Of course, Mom could do it. He taught it to me, so Mom and I could do with him, but after he passed we couldn’t figure it out–we needed his lead.

Dad & La Dancing
Dad & I dancing at his 75th birthday party in the gym at Branson, CO

I’m a lot like my Dad, so we clashed on many issues, but at the end of the day, it didn’t matter because I was his baby daughter.

People Instantly Know Me Poem
This poem is from my book, “This Tumbleweed Landed.”

Dad died in 1996–twenty-two years ago. He suffered from asthma and emphysema. I miss him as much today as ever before.

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Take time today and celebrate your dad wherever he is. Tell me about your dad below.



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