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What Does Retirement Look Like? #1


This is my cat, Jesse, enjoying Lin’s beautiful garden. I wish I could say I relax like him in retirement, but I am a busy beaver for sure.

I do love retirement–today I was up at 7:05 am. I do daily writing and reading in our library with Jesse by my side.

Then it was breakfast and a rousing game of Cribbage with my husband, Lin–he won today. We usually play up to three games, but we were both running this morning, so we stopped at one. I love this quiet time with him–full of talk and great rivalry.

Then I checked email, did a phone conference and ran to Albuquerque–we live about 18 miles east of Albuquerque in the East Mountains. I enjoyed my monthly massage from my ex-mother-in-law who pampers me beyond belief. I truly don’t understand how people operate in this stressful world without a monthly massage.

On the way home, I had a short stop at the grocery store to pick up ice for our potluck we’re hosting at our house tonight for friends.

Tonight will be full of laughter, talk and friendship–an ideal summer evening in New Mexico outside enjoying our gorgeous weather.

My life is wonderful–rich, full and busy. I couldn’t sit around–it’s not my style at all.

Are you retired? How do you spend your days? I’d be interested.

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