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What’s a Traditional Labor Day?

Traditional Labor Day

Another Labor Day is almost over–I want to share my traditional Labor Day with you. Today my brother and I went to the Las Animas Country Rodeo in Trinidad, CO, like so many years before. Neither of us had attended the rodeo in years–we wondered how much it had changed since our last visit?

As a child, this was an every year event–coupled with the annual 4-H Fair. It was our only family vacation, starting on the Thursday before Labor Day. Our 4-H commitments lasted through Friday, then we enjoyed the daily rodeo Saturday, Sunday and Monday and a big country and western dance each night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of the 4-Her’s in Las Animas County came to Trinidad for the duration of these events and was a big party for us all. Usually a carnival with rides filled the parking lot–the bright lights and noise were absent today.

Today, we were pleasantly surprised to see the attendance was good at this year’s rodeo–neither of us knew very many people in the grandstands. We enjoyed each event and watched a late summer storm come in over Fisher’s Peak. The sweet, fresh smell of rain wafted over us before the rain hit the arena. The cowboys and cowgirls continued the rodeo through the rain–no, the latter events were not canceled due to the rain.

The Westernaires, a high school riding group from Denver, entertained us with a variety of horse riding skills–it was good to see them again.

All in all, the ghosts of the past whirled around me–sitting on the edge of the Bloom Mansion yard as a child watching the parade, dances, the horse barn and all the fun there, friends from all over the county that congregated each year, carnival rides, and laughter–but I was able to enjoy the present day rodeo as it was, celebrating our Labor Day tradition once more.

What did you do for Labor Day? Do you have a tradition?

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