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What Is Self-Care?

Two more poems reflect my feelings about the coronavirus and self-care and how we narrowly escaped Spain’s outbreak about a month ago! We could still be there!

In recovery, we talk often about self-care: measures we do to take of body, mind and soul. For me, usually I enjoy regular routines of dancing, exercising and associating with people. I also find alone time, my Quiet Time, to recharge my spirit and soul.

This coronavirus pandemic has disrupted my social and active practices and has taken self-care to a new level, adding unusual routines to my life: shelter-in-place and follow our governor’s guidelines and more. As I pondered this early in April, self-care took on a different meaning.


April 3, 2020

A mask
            A Bandanna
                        Social distance
                                                Wash my hands singing the Doxology
                                                                  Stay home
Self-care for
            The coronavirus
But what about
            My spirit
                        My soul
A Quiet Time
                        Time Alone with my God
Words exchange
            Thoughts shared
                                    Desperate today
An ancient tradition
            Praying the Rosary
                        Veneration of
                                    God, the Father
                                    Staying in the moment
I yearn for my God
            I seek him daily!
Who am I
            Without Him?
Who am I
            With Him?
An obedient girl child
            A rebellious teenager
                        A maniac in my twenties
                                              Destroyed by my first divorce
A recovered woman
            A struggling middle-aged woman
                        A desperate 50-year-old
                                    A grief-stricken 60-year-old
                                                A serene 66-year-old crone
In love with my life
            Before the coronavirus!
            I avoid crowds
                        I wear a mask
                                    And you can’t shame me out of it
                                                I move away from you
                                                            For social distancing
When I take care of myself,
            I take care of you!
                        Remember that when you see
                                    Me in a mask!

I’ve taken this shelter-in-place time to go deep inside and wonder about this world and all the possibilities. We left Spain on March 8, and the virus exploded there the next day. Had we left there a couple days later, we could still be there—think about that one! Here’s my poem dealing with that:

Tomorrow is a Month

April 7, 2020

 Thirty-one days
        Since we left
                        Coronavirus-stricken Madrid
                                    And Spain
 We left on March 8th;
            It exploded there the 9th.
Thirty-one days of
            Holding my breath
                        By the minute
Washing hands
            washing hands
                        washing hands!
A throat tickle
            Sore throat
Is it the virus?
            Dread and anxiety gripped me
Two weeks of
Desperate not to share it
            If I had it.
Dances cancelled
            CALLERLAB cancelled
                        Life cancelled!
After two weeks
            A sigh
                        Maybe we made it
Yet. . .
Incubation period
            2 — 14 days
                        maybe 27
Oh, my God!
            Nothing new
                        No new symptoms
After two weeks,
            Out of the house for the first time
                        For a prescription and groceries
Panic and fear
            People six-feet apart
                        at the drug store
                                    Safe yet foreign
            People too close to me
                        In the grocery store
Malted Easter Eggs lured me in
            Impulse buying
                        No, it’s Easter time
                                    I always buy them at Easter
                                                Normal routine
Two bags
            I wolfed down one whole bag
                                    And gained three pounds!
Remedy to grocery shopping
            Senior time slot
                        Early in the morning
                                                Respectful of distance
                                                            Less people
Still washing hands
            disinfecting the bags
                        the Jeep
                                   the steering wheel
                                                the knobs
Watching my husband, Lin, closely
            Fear gripped my heart
Both of us have had health issues
            the last couple years
Three weeks gone
            Another sigh of relief
Yet in the back of my mind
            And heart
Will it happen?
            Will it sneak up and attack
                        when I least expect it?
Tomorrow I will breathe
                                    Praise God!
But today,
            I am still apprehensive
                        Not sure
God protect us!

Have you used this time allotted us to look inside and seek yourself and God in a new way? I’ve relished that opportunity, as sad as it has been. What are your thoughts about self-care and this virus? When will it end? Will we ever get back to normal?

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2 thoughts on “What Is Self-Care?

  1. I do feel that this too shall pass. It will certainly take time. I’ll wear my mask with pride to protect both myself and others. I’m confused by those that think being asked to wear a mask is against their civil rights. When asked to wear a shirt and shoes, that’s ok. But a mask can save lives. Hang in there and thank God that you do have a wonderful person to share your isolation. Love reading your blog. Nancy Turner

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