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Am I Invisible?

Am I invisible?

Am I invisible as an author to the world? Do books scare people so much? Where have all the readers gone? Are you out there?

In 2017, I am sitting at a craft fair in a small rural town in New Mexico. The subjects of my books are ranching, history and recipes—topics I thought dear to this population’s hearts. So I felt this would be a good place to sell my books. I came here the year before and did pretty well on sales, but this year I feel invisible.

I love to people watch, and country folk are my people, so seeing them is like looking in a mirror. As I sat there with my booth near the front door where everyone has to pass by, most people walked right on by like I’m not there—invisible. I offered free bookmarks to many and only a few refused, but I have to get their attention or they would walk right on by.

One young woman refused the free bookmark, then came back a few minutes later and looked at my books—I think she felt bad in refusing it.

A woman reading - invisible

It’s amazing to me to see how people ignore books. Any time I can, I gravitate towards books, but that’s the nature of a reader. I like paperbacks and hardbacks I can hold in my hands, turn back a page or mark up. I enjoy grabbing my iPad and reading on Kindle or iBooks. It just doesn’t matter. An enticing book comforts me in a way nothing else can. The pages transport me from the here and now to some other world, and time stands still!

I taught Language Arts and Literature for fourteen years in a middle school, and the decline in the ability to read and interest in reading broke my heart. Every year I taught, it worsened to the point I had to teach phonics to sixth graders.

What do you think? What is your experience? How do we create more readers?

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9 thoughts on “Am I Invisible?

  1. Hey Larada,

    I’m a book-lover too. My childhood nickname was “bookworm” since I preferred the company of my books to people, every time. It saddens me to see most students’ loss of interest in reading. I believe the misuse of technology is to blame for a lot of it.

  2. Some of my most precious memories are of reading and when I imagine my favorite get-aways or quiet me-times. I have a book/tablet in hand and I’m reading, curled up in a nice, big, cozy chair. You’re definitely not alone in this one.

  3. They could be like me- I read voraciously. But, I shy away from places that push books. I’d rather choose the ones I read. (Unless I have nothing else around- and then I read what surrounds me- including cereal boxes or ingredient lists.)

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